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The Magnin sport store has chosen to trust the Hotronic brand, a specialist in custom-made shoes, for the acquisition of its product, the Bootdoc 3D scan.

Known all over the world, this product represents a real investment for our store because of its approximate cost of 15,000 euros. It is revolutionary to analyze precisely in socks and in 30 seconds, the volume, size, length and height of your foot. Its results will make it possible to find the most suitable boot for skiing in the best conditions.

For rental, it indicates the parameters that will make it possible to select the most appropriate pair of ski boots from the available stock as quickly as possible. A customer analysis was able to show that 90% of people who skied with the shoes recommended by this machine did not wish to change their shoes during their rental week, i.e. a better score than with standard operation (try on shoes in store). Note, however, that the exchange of shoes can be done free of charge and at any time during your stay.

To enhance your comfort, you will also be offered a pair of insoles to buy and which can be integrated immediately into your rental shoes, then used for other occasions.

Has your foot been scanned before? When making your reservation, indicate your shoe size and the volume letter of your foot in the comments field so that we can prepare the equipment before your arrival, saving time!

For sales, the scanner is used to select the most suitable shell and liner for customizing your shoes. see bootfitting article

A complete digital analysis of your foot is provided to you free of charge with the purchase of ski boots. It can also be done separately at a cost of 30 euros.

Finally, in case of pain in your shoes, a comparison of your foot can be carried out with the scan in order to check any modification of morphology for a possible adaptation.

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