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The pleasure of skiing is partly conditioned by the quality of the equipment. A first part of our work therefore consists of selecting the best models from a wide range offered by our suppliers. But the work does not stop there !

The maintenance of rental equipment throughout the season is also a priority for us, guaranteeing total skiing pleasure during your skiing holiday.

Maintenance is essential for the equipment to retain its design qualities. Poor maintenance of the sole implies a gradual reduction in the gliding ability of the skis, while poor sharpening or simply unsuitable for the level of the skier will make them difficult to handle.

For your skis: Magnin Sport solutions

  • Mounting your bindings: Skis: €15 / Snow: €10

  • Waxing: Beyond the regular maintenance that your soles require, special snow conditions (very cold or, on the contrary, wet) may make the glide of your equipment much less efficient. Our waxing service (in line with the current snow conditions) allows you to make the most of your equipment.
    Skis: €7 / Snowboard: €10

  • Edge sharpening: An essential element and often despised by casual skiers, edge sharpening allows you to maintain control of your trajectory on the slopes. It often proves to be strategic when a passage over a patch of ice is essential.
    Skis: €11 / Snowboard: €14

  • Reconditioning: Using your equipment, even on the slopes, may involve reconditioning the soles after an impact. Remember that scratches deteriorate the quality of your soles, making the structure of your skis more susceptible to breakage.
    Skis: €27 / Snowboard: €33

  • Repairs that require special intervention (gluing, repair of a damaged edge) are carried out (if possible) on estimate.

We invite you to discover our 25m2 workshop space composed of all the necessary basic equipment as well as several machines :

Reichmann profi B 350
Reichmann BWM 350 Pro
Laser Skid 30

Preventive maintenance:

Did you know? When you store your personal skis (usually in a garage) humidity can lead to the appearance of rust on the edges. Slowly your hardware degrades and loses its original performance.
Conversely, if you do not wax your skis before summer storage, the bases dry out, thus altering their gliding properties.

Magnin Sport advice : choose a waxing/sharpening formula that allows you to store your equipment serenely between two gliding sessions.

Competition preparation:

The reply "there is no bad equipment, only bad skiers" has of course its limits. In reality it even becomes completely obsolete when it comes to performance! Good waxing is proven to improve glide and good sharpening improves your ability to control your trajectory. Two sine qua non conditions for optimization and your own performance!!!

The sharpening angle can of course vary according to the disciplines and your level from 87° (expert) to 90° (less radical and more tolerant).

The waxing is done in an artisanal way tailor-made and by hand depending on the snow conditions with our Digital Racing Waxer waxing iron by our team.
Three types of wax available:

  • Abrasive snow, cold snow

  • Wet snow, wet snow

  • Universal "all types of snow"

We suggest you drop off your skis the day before and pick them up the next day in top shape!

Do you have a need for a specific date, in anticipation of a competition for example? Our site allows you to book our maintenance formulas, see the "services" section in step 3 of your basket.

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