Augmented Skiing: Discover a new way to ski with the Ski Mojo.

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You certainly know the benefits of a good knee brace in the event of knee trauma. The Ski~Mojo is so much better! It reduces by 1/3 the weight of the body felt on the legs. It reduces shock and vibration to relieve knees, hips and back. It improves the muscle power of your legs during extension by storing the energy produced by bending by compressing a spring.

you will increase your performance and endurance. It's more fun for a longer duration, especially for resorts that offer big drops or long ski / snowboard sessions.

we are convinced of the contribution of this novelty in the ski world, which is why we offer the Ski~Mojo for rental. We offer both Silver & Gold models at the rate of 50€ / day, see accessories section :

Mounting the exoskeleton on your shoes requires planning the day before for the next day. Note that we have adapters that avoid the drilling of shoes.

Interested in purchasing a Ski~Mojo? We deduct the rental costs from the purchase amount.

Do not hesitate to contact the store to find out more.

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